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I am excited to share with you, my new release, the Un-Diet Diet. Over my 45 years of chiropractic practice I have had opportunity to witness some incredible miracles and learn a few hard won truths when it comes to maximizing health potential, effective weight management and empowered aging. I would like to remind you of this one key truth, even though you were never born to be sick, in todays world , remaining healthy has never been more difficult. I would like to take you down a different path to examine the foundational roots of health while providing key tools and strategies to empower your potential for wellness and longevity.
Dr. Doug Pooley
The Un-Diet Diet ... Healthier Boomers in 21 Days by author Dr. Douglas Pooley, non-fiction book(3)

The Un-Diet Diet

Healthier Boomers in just 21 Days

A health reclamation manual for those age 55 plus

The UN-Diet Diet is a health reclamation strategy. It is designed to give the participant simple and effective tools to aid in improving overall health, effectively deal with weight management issues, and to serve as a guide for empowered aging. The program is aimed at those over the age of 55 with existing health compromise.

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